Blockchain technology has the potential to shape various aspects of financial services and radically alter the industry. Our first in-depth study on blockchain identifies major trends affecting blockchain implementation, offers 14 profiles of organizations that are creating blockchain solutions for financial services and illustrates seven potential use cases. 

This report will help readers:

  • Evaluate the near and long-term impact of blockchain within financial services
  • Understand the ways blockchain technology could simplify existing processes
  • Learn how blockchain can improve the efficiency and profitability of industry participants
  • Improve the end customer experience

Download the study preview to receive:

1) ​Full study table of contents
2) Introduction to the study
3) Methodology
4) List of firms featured
5) 3 excerpts from the study

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For more information or to purchase your copy of the study, please contact your CI Account Manager, or contact:

James McGovern
VP, Consulting Services

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7 Use Cases Covered:

  1. Loyalty Programs
  2. Capital Markets
  3. Real Estate Transactions
  4. Know Your Customer
  5. Digital Identity Management
  6. Cross-Border Payments
  7. Commodities: Gold Trading


For this report, Corporate Insight conducted 14 interviews with key organizations and leaders in the blockchain space in order to gather insights of their current product inventory, current or future partnerships, industry challenges and thoughts of the future of blockchain. Corporate Insight analysts also attended conferences and webcasts to stay well-informed of the latest developments within the blockchain space. We drew in all these resources to produce this report.