The Innovation Advantage, CI's latest report, reveals dozens of digital experience best practices from cutting-edge technology innovators that financial services firms can adopt to their own offerings. The study will help user experience teams rethink and revitalize the digital capabilities they provide both clients and prospects. By applying the best practices identified in the report, firms will have the potential to create a more effective and engaging digital experience that is truly differentiated from competitor offerings. 

This report will help users:

  • Understand the digital landscape and trends in core financial services features like education, goal-setting and security
  • Improve existing digital capabilities by applying out-of-the-box thinking to current offerings
  • Apply best practices from superior non-financial apps and websites to their own digital experiences
  • Develop ideas to differentiate offerings from competitors
  • Learn about emerging technologies and how they will impact financial services

7 Core Themes

Integrating game-like functionality within non-game platforms to increase user engagement

2) Goal-Setting
Planning for a variety of financial goals, such as a home purchase, college savings and retirement

3) News
Delivering relevant, up-to-date content that can help clients make better financial decisions

4) Document Management
Storing, sharing and accessing a variety of financial documents within a secure cloud-based platform

5) Education
Offering digital content to help users better understand the various aspects of personal finance

6) Security
Protecting sensitive client data using a variety of user authentication methods

7) Augmented Reality
An emerging technology that digitally overlays information onto users’ physical surroundings to create unique experiences



This report examines seven major themes related to the ways that consumers typically interact with their financial services providers.

For each of these themes, we analyzed the current state of the financial services industry before reviewing a core set of innovators that have lessons to teach financial services firms. All but three of these exist outside the financial services industry. We then provide actionable insights into how the best practices employed by these innovators can be adapted to enhance the digital platforms of financial services firms.

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For more information, please contact:

Craig Sherter
Director of Business Development
646-929-5149 ​

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