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The Road To Digital Wellness: 

The last few years have seen health insurers prioritize their mobile platforms in trying to serve an increasingly mobile-first audience. With the bulk of insurer app development efforts focusing on the basics—i.e., coverage and health information—there remains significant room for delivering an optimal mobile experience. This report reveals certain digital capabilities ideally suited for the mobile channel that few health insurance companies currently leverage. It also offers insight into best practice examples in the mobile space, leveraging Corporate Insight’s proprietary research with a view of leading insurers’ authenticated digital properties.

This report is the third in our Digital Health Experience report series and covers several topics, including:

  • Insurance members’ changing expectations of their insurers’ digital properties and mobile apps
  • Member satisfaction with the digital platforms they are using
  • Relationship between digital engagement and understanding of plan and health insurance concepts
  • Mobile app trends in the health insurance space
  • Mobile best practices employed by leading health insurers

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