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As the digital advice industry evolves rapidly, financial services firms are in a race to instill investor loyalty amid market uncertainty. The Digital Advice Audit provides an in-depth assessment of algorithmic-based investing platforms in order to identify competitive strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement. Audit recommendations are designed to help enhance the overall digital advice customer experience and play a key role in helping firms prioritize their development roadmaps.
Using our proprietary Audit grading framework, we rate the client digital advice experience at the largest and most innovative financial services firms across over 100 individual attributes spanning seven core categories, including:

  • Product details
  • Prospect experience
  • Monitoring and analysis
  • Money movement and new portfolio creation
  • Education, support and communication
  • Account servicing
  • Mobile capabilities

Audit Services Include: 

  • Full audit report
    • Offers state of the industry commentary
    • Identifies areas of weakness and opportunity
    • Provides recommendations tailored for your organization
    • Illustrates best practices and recommendations with competitor screenshots
    • Distributes grades for all firms through a detailed matrix
  • Customer survey data
  • In-person or remote presentation of results and recommendations with supporting executive slide deck
  • Access to Audit software for 12 months to create custom reports


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       For a demonstration of the Digital Advice       Audit, contact your CI account manager           or Aaron Granuel at: