As changes occur in the financial advice industry, it is increasingly important for asset management firms to position themselves as valuable partners to advisors. Advisors depend on digital tools and resources to do their jobs effectively, and asset management firms can provide content-rich, easy-to-use advisor websites to further their partnership. CI’s latest white paper, Tomorrow's Fund Company Website: Helping Financial Advisors Thrive in Disruptive Times offers insights on how asset management firms can help advisors succeed through strong digital offerings. 


1) Advisor Website Audit

The Advisor Website Audit is a new benchmarking service designed to help asset management firms deliver advisors the best possible online experience. We grade the top asset management firms’ advisor websites using predefined criteria that address design, functionality, navigation and usability. We base these criteria on industry best practices we have identified from over a decade’s worth of research for our Mutual Fund Monitor – Advisor research service. The Audit allows an asset management firm to understand its strengths and weaknesses versus peers, as well as the changes needed to deliver a best-in-class experience to financial professionals. 

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2) Surveys

February 2015: To understand the state of financial advice today, we surveyed 500 financial advisors, 1,000 advised investors and 200 self-directed investors to identify differences in FAs' and investors' perceptions on topics such as overall satisfaction, communications preferences, the role of technology in the relationship and the appeal of non-traditional competitors.

December 2015: We surveyed 508 financial advisors to understand how they use asset management firm websites and what features they most value.