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Offering a strong digital experience for recordkeepers is crucial. Benchmark your plan sponsor website against key competitors to identify competitive strengths, weaknesses and areas of improvement with our DC Plan Sponsor Digital Audit. Our new Audit also provides actionable recommendations to help clients create a better digital experience. 

Using our proprietary Audit grading framework, we rate the plan sponsor site of the client and all selected competitors across over 100 individual attributes spanning six core categories including:
  • Education and help resources
  • Participant data and management
  • Plan administration
  • Plan information
  • Reporting
  • Website design and settings
Audit Services Include: 
  • Full audit report
    • Offers state of the industry commentary
    • Identifies areas of weakness and opportunity
    • Provides recommendations tailored for your organization
    • Illustrates recommendations through competitor screenshots
    • Distributes grades for all firms through a detailed matrix
  • Customer survey data
  • In-person or GotoMeeting presentation of results and recommendations with supporting executive slide deck
  • Access to Audit software for 12 months, to create custom reports


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Improve the digital experience offered to your plan sponsor clients

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