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Despite how essential communication is to client engagement, it has never been more vulnerable to fractured client experiences caused by channel proliferation and increasingly short digital attention spans. Companies must rethink their approaches, because messaging that doesn’t differentiate simply disappears.

Our new syndicated study, Communication to Drive Engagement, explores the strategies that organizations use to connect with clients, create advocates and convert attention to behavior. Using unique user-testing insights and quantitative analysis, we concentrate on distinctive approaches from cross-industry firms to offer actionable best practices.
Topics in the full report include:

  • Executive Summary
  • Understanding Client Communication Preferences (survey findings)
  • Communication Engagement Strategies (best practices recommendation list)
  • Unique Channel Approaches

Download a free preview of the report

Drive client engagement and brand affinity by transforming client communication strategies

For more information or to purchase your copy       of the full report, contact your CI Account                 Manager or Aaron Granuel at